Portable Vehicle Barrier


In recent years, several devastating vehicle attacks on pedestrians have been carried out in large cities, where sidewalks overflow with people. Owners and facilities managers at high-traffic areas like universities, arenas, festivals, and energy plants need to stay up-to-date on the latest security solutions. And vehicle barrier systems have emerged as a primary safety solution at entry points, roadways, and perimeters.

The challenge with traditional vehicle barriers is that no one wants permanent concrete barriers running parallel to streets and surrounding every building. As Amanda M. Burden, chairwoman of the City Planning Commission told the New York Times, "The problem is finding solutions that blend protection and a little street aesthetic." Aside from the fortress-like imagery, concrete barriers limit the flow of pedestrians and have prohibitive installation costs. They can also create shrapnel-like debris from the impact that can injure pedestrians.


Portable vehicle barriers are a more affordable and visually attractive solution to mitigating vehicle attack damage. They can be set up and taken down in minutes-without the need for heavy equipment or electrical power-and subsequently removed and stored. The barriers also do not inhibit pedestrian flow and can be deployed only when needed, during a scheduled sports or entertainment event, for example.

Portable barriers are also less obtrusive than installing concrete barriers or bollards. Case in point is New Orleans' annual Mardi Gras parade, which brings more than 40,000 attendees along its four-mile route through the city. Portable barriers were deployed in the city center of New Orleans for the most recent parade; they were painted canary yellow and allowed free pedestrian flow and emergency vehicle access through the streets, while providing a solid perimeter to unwanted vehicles.


Recent horrifying events have prompted the need for a wider range of effective vehicle barriers and safety strategies. In fleeing the Las Vegas attack in 2017, some of the outdoor music festival attendees had to climb over low perimeter fencing erected to maintain crowd control.

"Unfortunately, when this type of fencing is interlocked, it affects the free flow of pedestrians, causing difficulties in the event of the need for rapid evacuation," said Whitford. "And they won't stop a vehicle. They're suitable only for basic crowd control."

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